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February 5, 2015

Vietnam: Total Red

ENG: New Year holidays suddenly made my face is wider and bronzed my skin, than I am in usual. However, it wasn't a cause for despair, and rather forced to lie on the beach longer and more eat. Especially because I have long and forever in love with Vietnamese food and generally always don't mind to eat. :)
Our breakfasts, lunches and dinners are traditionally occurred on the beach Qui Nhon. Slowly, steadily and necessarily beautiful. For me returned summer was a salvation. I wanted to relive it, as the last time.
RU: Новогодние праздники внезапно сделали моё лицо шире, а меня - бронзовей, чем я есть на самом деле. Однако, это не стало поводом для отчаяния, а наоборот, заставило лежать на пляже дольше, а обедать чаще. Тем более, что я давно и навеки влюблена во вьетнамскую кухню и вообще всегда не против поесть. :)
Наши завтраки, обеды и ужины традиционно случались на пляже Куинёна. Неторопливо, размеренно и обязательно красиво. Для меня вернувшееся лето было спасением, а потому его хотелось вновь пережить, как в последний раз.

| dress - Choies | sunglasses - Romwe | pumps - Valentino (similar black, brown and white) | necklace - Poison Drop | watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs | earrings - Oasap (similar blue and gold) |


  1. awesome look ;-)

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  2. Wow awesome dress and earrings!

  3. Girl, you're incredible!! Always looking so chic, unique and inspiring!

  4. Adorable dress, you look perfect!

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  5. You look really amazing! Love this look and the place looks amazing :)

  6. You are absolutely perfect ! Love all your stuffs, sunglasses, dress, pumps, one word : amazing !

  7. the red dress is really amazing!

  8. Looking absolutely spectacular! :)

    Love that dress.. so pretty! :)

    Geekette in High Heels

  9. Pumps are not in my type but the rest is absolutely AMAZING! <3
    I'm totally in love with your dress and sunnies.
    Perfect photos! :)


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