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February 9, 2015

The Best Ideas for Valentine's Day

| Embroidered leather clutch - Newbark | Pink sprinkle heart chocolate sweets - River Island | Gold-tone crystal necklace - Lanvin | Love hearts tin - River Island | Parfume - Bruno Banani Absolute Woman (similar for woman and for man) | Heart-intarsia cashmere sweater - Chinti and Parker | Sloane stationary hugs&kisses pocket book - ASOS | Gold IP stainless steel unisex watch - Karl Lagerfield |  Fashionable headphones - Friends | Leather clutch - ONE by Gelareh Mizrahi | Cora Heart 100 patent leather pumps - Christian Louboutin |  Iconic You gold-tone two-finger ring - Lanvin (similar Love) | Perfume - ASOS

ENG: I received my first and only Valentine card when studied in sixth grade. I don't remember what it was written in it, and who belonged to the authorship, but that day I was unbearably ashamed and terribly uncomfortable for his attention.
Over the years, we have all learned to speak openly about their love and not be ashamed of feelings, but rather to discuss them in the most intimate paints over dinner with a friend. Indeed, as it turned out in adult life, in sympathy there is no shame. Even if it is not mutual, it's nice to feel somewhere inside yourself energetically good feeling which makes waking up, create, live and act. For example, on Valentine's Day.

RU: Свою первую и единственную "валентинку" я получила, когда училась в шестом классе. Не помню, что в ней было написано и кому принадлежало авторство, но в тот день мне было невыносимо стыдно и до ужаса неловко за проявленное юным принцем внимание.
С годами нас всех научили говорить о своей любви открыто и не стесняться чувств, а наоборот обсуждать их в самых интимных красках за ужином с подругой. Действительно, как оказалось во взрослой жизни, в симпатии нет ничего постыдного. Даже в том случае, если она не взаимна, приятно ощущать где-то внутри себя энергетически доброе чувство, которое заставляет просыпаться, творить, жить и действовать. Например, в День Святого Валентина.

| 3 pack socks with Star Wars faces - ASOS | Moustache bottle opener keyring - ASOS | Silver-tone skull cufflinks - Alexander McQueen | Cotton and cashmere-blend scarf - Paul Smith | Cotton-Terry bathrobe - Derek Rose | Chassis leather and stainless steel hip plask - Alfred Dunhill | shirt - ASOS (similar for woman) | 75 Years of Marvel Comics - Taschen | Brox bow tie - ASOS |


  1. The arrow necklace and the pumps are my fave!

    Have a great week :)

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