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January 14, 2014

Anna Brain x Frau Berg: Don't Be Hesitate

Pictures by Roman Shmidt / Location: Dostoevky Library

ENG: Habit state history, going into smallest details - one of my professional vices that looks attractive in a single case - combined with "mini". Especially when it comes to nude tones.

RU: Привычка излагать истории, вдаваясь в мельшайшие подробности - один из моих профессиональных пороков, который выглядит привлекательно в одном единственном случае - в сочетании с "мини". Особенно, если это касается телесных оттенков.

| strappy lace dress - Oasap | bracelets - Lookbookstore | necklace - Frau Berg | heels - Christian Louboutin |


  1. amazing dress baby, and more on you


  2. Тебе очень идет этот цвет!

  3. Love the dress.
    You look absolutely stunning!

    xo' M

  4. Чудесное платье и интерьер :)

    xoxo Iren

  5. In love with this dress!!!

  6. amazing photos <3333

    new post

  7. you are beautiful ;) gorgeous photos ;)

  8. That dress is beautiful, and so are the photos! Such an unusual yet nice location! :)

  9. I already comment you on lookbook but I must do this here too,you look adorable really ,very feminine and elegant!

  10. This dress is such a show stopper! Perfect perfect an perfect! You are stunning dear xx

  11. Awesome outfit and cool pics
    just loved your blog! very good work

  12. this is such an adorable dress my dear!

  13. You are beautiful! Greetings from Poland ;)

  14. Великолепно как всегда!)Прекрасные фотографии и образ)


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