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October 22, 2013

Fashion in Antwerp: The Brightness Of Noon

Photos taken on Olympus Pen Lite E-PL5

ENG: “Antwerp – is a real fashion capital,” – summarized my friend Va, when we ran into one another at Arbat and ended up talking about my upcoming trip. To me, Belgium was an attractive place because of chocolate, Kriek and waffles – all of the standard associations to any ordinary brain. Yet, here I am, finally in Antwerp. The little streets take my breath away, the European weather soothes with warmth and in the next three days I will meet an indefinite number of interesting people, who already attributed to the world of fashion. What more can you ask for?!

RU: "Антверпен - это настоящее модное государство," - подвел итог мой друг Ва, когда, случайно встретившись в на Арбате, мы разговорились с ним о моей предстоящей поездке. Для меня Бельгия была заманчива прежде всего шоколадом, кригом и вафлями - в общем, всеми стандартными для любого мозга ассоциациями.
Однако, наконец, я здесь, в Антверпене. От маленьких уютных улиц захватывает дух, европейская погода успокаивает теплом и в ближайшие три дня мне предстоит множество интереснейших знакомств с людьми, которые уже внесли свой вклад в мир моды. А о чем еще можно мечтать?!

| Kay Michaels quilted biker jacket - Boda Skins | white short sleeve zipper graffiti print blouse - Sheinside | neon transparent clutch - Poppy Lovers | kaleidoscope betty mini skirt - ICI Fashion | black artificial beads pendant necklace - Woakao | gold metal ankle bracelets - Chicnova | aviator sunglasses - Ray-Ban | heels - Prada |


  1. Wow! I love the style of this post xx

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  2. Great pictures. I love Antwerp as well it is a great fashion capital :)
    I'm going there this weekend. Hope you have fun !

    xo' M

  3. So glad to hear that you like Antwerp & Belgium in general! (I'm Belgian, I live in Ghent :) )
    Nice colourful outfit & I loooove your heels!
    Enjoy Belgium babe! xx

  4. Amazing color combination! Love the top!

  5. amazing combination of colors! :)

  6. fantastic styling, love everything about it!

  7. nice jacket ! ;-)

    new post

  8. lovvveee the skirt! I love the mix of all the colors in this look.


  9. This is totally awesome print and colour mix! <3 Looove it!

  10. Beautiful outfit. I'm not a fan of very colorful outfits, usually, but this one is really interesting. I really like the bag, and you have beautiful hair!

  11. Cudownie wyglądasz, kapitalna spódniczka! Pozdrawiam :)

  12. colorful... wonderful !
    love this look so much :)


  13. wow!!! so so stunnin look!!!! <3 it:)) xoxo))

  14. Очень взрывная и сочная!))) супер))


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  16. The jacket is fantastic! Skirt with colorful tees look so cool.

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  17. Milion dollar look! I love the colors.


  18. OMG !!! such a great outfit <3 kisses :***

  19. outfit is awsme

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