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February 1, 2013

A Secret By Nina Ricci / GIVEAWAY!

ENG: You are the first who will know about it. Just wait.
The perfume for that moment of awakening when girl becomes woman. It ’s of course fresh, very fresh, with frosted Neroli, but also has the gentle femininity of apple blossom , the voluptuousness of Gardenia and the rounded notes of white musk. The breath of youth, sharp, light and sensual.
A fresh, fruity floral fragrance created by Olivier Cresp - master perfumer for Nina Ricci. A new opus of the delectable fragrance, enclosed in a soft pink frosted glass apple with silver leaves.
 You have only to wait a little.
RU: Вы узнаете о нем первыми. Стоит просто подождать.
Это аромат для того момента, когда девушка превращается в женщину. Он нежный, с оттенком нероли, а также в нем присутствуют нежная женственность яблони, сладострастие гардении и нотки белого мускуса. Вдох юности, шероховатости, легкости и чувственности.
Свежий фруктовово-цветочный аромат создан Olivier Cresp - главным парфюмером для Нины Риччи. Новый опус восхитительного аромата, заключенного в нежно розовое матовое яблоко с серебряными листьями.
 Стоит только подождать.


  1. love Nina Ricci! followed on twitter! thanks for sharing : )


  2. love nina ricci! i have to smell it :)

  3. Thanks for your comment!! (:

  4. soooo.. lurv it!!!
    i am your new follower.

  5. I love all of Nina Ricci's perfumes <3

  6. Love it!!!

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  8. amazing video!
    I love nina ricci!
    xoxo from Brasil

  9. Love Nina Ricci!

  10. Hello Gorgeous!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog...
    and I'm so happy to check out your blog.
    You are so beautiful in all photos...
    i love, love your style... nice shoes and outfits!

  11. Lovely commercial. I am eager to smell it.

  12. thanks for the comment. i adore your blog. this commercial is lovely i like the song.
    -new follower-

  13. Love the promo video - might have to try and sniff this scent out at the dept store... ;)

  14. Sounds lovely, thank you for sharing with us!

  15. Oh that's really cool! I love the dress and the owl! I love those tie-dye jumpers and where is that crystal ring from? It's gorgeous! It would be nice if you could stop by my blog again, I have made some more recent posts as I post about 5 times a week :):)

  16. I'm sorry I confused this post with another, ignore about the jumpers and ring!

  17. I WAAAANT this perfume right now!!!! :)))


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