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September 26, 2012

The 23 Paradox

ENG: I'm 23 now. Another year has passed, and I haven't understood yet, if it brought more losses of profits. I didn't fly to Milan Fashion Week as was planned. Didn't attend Dolce & Gabbana show as was thought. The fresh European visa in my foreign passport is left unmarked. The most unexpected were congratulations from the most unexpected people, but the most expected forgot about my Birthday. Also there were persons, whose congratulations could have been the best present for me. But they also forgot. Observing Moscow weather which was fully in accordance to my mood in the window, I unenthusiastically got ready for the ball. Instead of the planned show, I was to spend a couple of hours on a loud party with a half-empty glass, because my friends ordered so. They were evidently against my lonely staying at home, but by midnight alcohol made them forget with whom they came and who was to congratulate. I'm 23 now. And I haven't yet made my mind, which hairdo suits me the best, and which sunglasses go well with this SHEINSIDE dress. I carry a couple of shoe pairs in my bag, and for the first time, I don't eat birthday cake, but drink Coca-Cola. A paradox. I'm 23 now.
RU: Мне 23. Прошел еще один год, и я до сих пор не поняла, принес он больше потерь или приобретений. В свой День рождения я не улетела в Милан на Неделю Моды, как планировала. Не оказалась на показе Dolce & Gabbana, как было задумано. Свежий шенген в моем загранпаспорте остался нетронутым. Самыми неожиданными оказались поздравления от самых неожиданных людей, зато самые ожидаемые о моем празднике забыли. Были и те, чьи поздравления могли стать для меня лучшим подарком. Но и они забыли тоже. Наблюдая за окном московскую погоду подстать моему настроению, я без особого энтузиазма собиралась на бал. Вместо запланированного показа мне предстояло провести несколько часов на шумной вечеринке с полупустым бокалом, потому что так велели друзья. Они явно были против моего одинокого пребывания дома, но уже к полуночи алкоголь заставил их забыть, с кем они пришли и кого хотели поздравить. Мне 23. А я до сих пор не определилась, какая прическа мне больше идет и какие очки подходят к платью SHEINSIDE. Ношу в сумке сразу несколько пар, впервые не ем праздничный торт, а пью Coca-Cola. Парадокс. Мне 23.

| dress- Sheinside | earrings - vintage | heels - Christian Louboutin | sunglasses №2 - Alexander Wang |


  1. Hi Anna! Thank you for your comment on Occhiondolo's blog...also because it got me finding out your VERY stylish page!
    Happy belated birthday and...don't worry: both the sunglasses you are wearing are cool!

    And if you lose them too often, you should try hanging them to an Occhiondolo necklace and forget the problem :)
    Ciao from Italy!

  2. happy b-day Anna!! i am 34 and i can tell you, that a lot of paradox things will happen to your life !!!So chin up girl, drink your coka-cola, ignore the people who forgot to wish you, eat cake every day untill your next b-day...cause baby with this red dress you look like a million dollar and nobody can take it from you!!!:))
    from greece with lots of love

  3. the dress is beautiful and the idea with coke is great!

  4. what a stunning dress for a stunning girl. happy birthday! by the way i am your newest follower - you are just so gorgeous and inspiring

    pandaphilia fashion

  5. You have a dancer's feet. With this I mean that any dancer would be very jealous of your feet. Although it might not look like it, this is a compliment.
    Also, meh, I rarely ever celebrate birthdays so I'm not the best person to try and cheer you up. You have a beautiful dress, good health (it seems), a stunning figure, you know (at least) two languages and in all honesty, I quite like the way you write in English too. Be proud of these things and if you're not happy with the friends you have, go out and meet new people, it's easier than it seems. You have a lifetime ahead of you to be bitter about birthdays. With affection,

  6. happy birthday Anna.A stunning look as always xxx

  7. wow, what a great styling! I am delighted with your blog, how about shared observations? :)


  8. Happy birthday and you look stunning!!!

  9. very beautiful baby...


  10. These photos are beyond gorgeous and that red dress looks so fantastic! Just beautiful. x E

  11. I'm turning 25 in less than a month and it's not so much fun to get more and more numbers
    on your "plate" year after year, but they're just years. It might not feel like that, but believe me that
    there're people which are older than me and they feel and live as if they would be 10 years younger,
    then there're people younger or my age which feel as if they would be 20 years older and that's how
    they look like and live.
    You look breathtaking, feminine and even tho people hurt you sometimes, it's not a reason to get
    sad and dwell on it for too long. Look at the bright side, it's much better and you have so much to
    be thankful about :)

  12. С Днём рождения!! Какие красивые фото. Не могу пройти мимо без комментария)

    Люблю Саввинскую набережную. В прошлом году я сидела вот точно так же и была уверена в своём будущем на ближайшую пятилетку. Будущее кардинально поменялось через несколько месяцев. Просто сшибло с ног.
    Мне 25 и каждый свой День рождения я мечтаю отметить "так, чтобы не было, как в прошлом году". Возможно, однажды это удастся) А вообще - этот праздник придумали злобные тётки, чтобы считать года своих "подруг")) Не грусти, лёгкий сплин в этот день - признак интеллекта и тонкой душевной организации.
    Be happy :)

  13. happy birthday! what an amazing dress, love it :)

  14. I love the dress, it looks stunning on you :)

    Happy birthday to you :) I'm sure all us fans are wishing you a very Happy Birthday!! Don't forget that :)

  15. Love this dress and heels, gorgeous!!!

    Thank you for visiting Blush and your lovely comment! I am following you now. I’d love if you follow Blush.


  16. awesome outfit! Love your blog!
    Thanks so much for your comment! following you with GFC and Bloglovin! I would love if you could follow me back!

    Lali pops of colour

  17. а я не отмечаю свой др последние несколько лет. всем говорю, поздравлять не надо, спасибо, и подарки можете себе оставить. просто для меня это не праздник. вот не знаю почему.
    мне противны стали сладкие речи коллег на работе, это не родные мне люди и никогда ими не будут.
    самые самые близкие итак меня любят, я это знаю и мне этого хватает

  18. здорово, мне нравится, со вкусом и с чувством, зарядилась позитивом. Очень интересный блог, спасибо

  19. oh these photos are SO beautiful - i love the one of your sipping your drink especially. that dress is killer on you - it's so stunning. love everything about this

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails // current giveaway

  20. OMG! These photos are really beautiful and so are you! I love your sunnies! ♥

    Would love if you check my blog!

    Have a nice day! XO

  21. There is no poin in commenting... you look amazing as usual! :)
    btw... I am having my first GIVEAWAY in my blog and I wanted to invite you (and everybody) to take part in it :) It is easy :)
    xoxo, Press

  22. I am loving the feel and layout of your blog!

  23. Happy birthday!! About this outfit I will just say that you're really gorgeous!


  24. С днем рождения!

  25. i like your blog and i follow you on lookbook

  26. So sophisticated! love it :)

  27. and I'm following btw! :)

  28. поздравляю!!! очень классные фото!!!!

    xoxo Iren
    Visit my blog:
    Living In A Kitten's World

  29. Wow, what a stylish blog you have! And what a stylish person you are!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog by the way! I just got started so every comment I get means a lot to me.

    X Anne

  30. love your outfit! I follow you with bloglovin follower n 471 :) hope you'll follow me back here :

  31. I'm 23 too, and I think I'm rocking it! You definitely are too - welcome to a fabulous age! Following you with blog loving!


  32. С Днем Рождения!
    Пусть все мечты сбудутся:)

  33. Happy Birthday! I love your dress! Sorry to hear your bday wasn't what you wanted it to be! Hopefully the year will be full of amazing experiences!


  34. Happy B-Day, wherever you celebrate it, no one can take that year of experience from you! :)

    love how you paired that classic red dress and superedgy Wang sunnies!

  35. wow you look great! love your red dress!

    really nice blog :)

    xoxo milla

  36. So...happy birthday gurl!
    your blog rocks, i love it!

    i'm following ;)


  37. stunning! loving that dress x

  38. wow great blog and nice articles ! Maybe we follow each other ?! Let me know :) Greetings

  39. thank you for your sweet comment :) you heve great blog and you look fantastic :) i love your blog and i follow for you

  40. beautiful blog... stunning photography... great photos!


  41. wow...amazing dress!kisses from Italy

  42. your blog is like a poet!

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